just going in for a snip

On the 25th of November 2011, I had surgery on my left wrist to remove the ganglion that had taken up residence there. I have just googled pictures of a ganglion excision. Don’t.

Tomorrow I am having a second surgery to correct the duff up that the previous surgeon made. The ganglion was removed in 2011, but unfortunately a small piece was left behind (which does often happen in these surgeries) and the scar tissue has attached itself to my tendons. Even though my previous surgeon tried to manually detach the scar tissue (OUCH) it never worked. I have found a fantastic orthopedic surgeon who has assured me that everything will go well tomorrow. I am stressing a little bit, as one does when considering surgery (yes, even minor surgery) and general anesthetic, but I can’t wait to have it all over and done with, so that I can hopefully have full use of my hand again, and to stop living in pain! My left wrist is a bit of a disaster zone at the moment; it’s useful but useless at the same time.

Oh, and I think I’m getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right wright. Don’t google pictures of that surgery.

Just don’t.



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