i’m a looneycorn! i’m a looneycorn!

IMG_20140219_183413 Yesterday morning on the way to work, our local radio station was talking about how kids can mispronounce words, and how sometimes they are just too cute to not laugh.

The princess was at my mom’s last night as I was at lectures, and halfway during my lecture, I received this picture (see left). How I didn’t laugh out loud I’ll never know, but then my sister sent me the message below. Screenshot_2014-02-20-13-04-57.1 I was drinking water at the time, and ended up half snorting it up my nose to avoid spitting it all over the guy sitting in front of me. And the even more hilarious thing, is that I could picture M-L running around my mom’s house shouting “I’m a looneycorn, I’m a looneycorn!” There are a few words that she can’t yet pronounce correctly; hotstible = hospital, wed = red and pretty much any word beginning with r becomes a w sounding word. Because I’m with her so much, I sometimes have to translate for the hubby, and I always have a giggle when he looks at me squiff, because he has no clue at to how I know that yeyyow = yellow etc.

Kids really do say the darndest things.

Including words that they really shouldn’t.

But have learnt from me.





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