i work with some rather strange people

Not saying that I’m in any way ‘normal’, but I do. I really REALLY do.

I advertised my BlackBerry Torch 9810 on our work intranet last week, and this week I’ve had 4 responses. One of those responses has been rather alarming. Below is our conversation, word for word:

RP: “Good morning. I trust you are well. Seen your add about the torch, is it sold?”

Me: “Hi ****. No, not yet. I do have a few people interested in it, but I’m taking it as first come with the money, first to have the phone! 🙂 ”

RP: “Discount dear????????”

Me: “I am negotiable on the R1000 so what is your budget?”

RP: “Come on dear don’t be like such now……..lets speak on your discount first? R850”

Me: “I will accept R850 for the phone. Please don’t send me inappropriate pictures like you did earlier.”

RP: “Ok how will you send the fone to me? Huh I beg yours?”

Me: “If you want the phone you must make arrangements to collect it.”

RP: “Ish im in Newcastle dear”

Me: “Yes well unfortunately that is not my problem. I am not paying courier fees. I have other people interested who work in Durban. If you can’t get the phone to you then I will sell it to someone else.”

I haven’t had a response to my last message.

First of all, I am no one’s ‘dear’. Not even my husband calls me ‘dear’. Secondly, what the hell is this guy smoking?! I asked what his budget was, and that’s how he responds? I was literally sitting at my desk, scratching my desk in disbelief. Thirdly, how can you send me, a colleague whom you have never met, a picture comparing Valentine’s Day to World Aids Day?! I am not posting the picture as I find it absolutely inappropriate and would be contradicting myself if I did. And fourthly, I advertised a cellphone for sale, not a courier service! On my e-mail signature, it is very clear that I am based in a different factory to this character. Why even inquire about something when you know that you cannot arrange the transport for it?

So I’m a little freaked out, mainly by that damn picture that he sent me.

I’m not big on Valentine’s Day but sheesh! I think this time around I’ll take the flowers and chocolate!



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