the knot is in a tangle

I need a new synonym for tired, because knackered is just no longer cutting it. It’s currently 22h54, and I’ve had one of the longest days ever.

The hubby was admitted into hospital today. Remember those knots in my tummy that I told you about? Well, he is what they were about.

He hasn’t been 100% for the last 2 months or so, and finally, on Monday this week, he went to the doctor. Seriously, what is it with men and going to the damn doctor?! Anyway, it’s neurological, and we’re hoping to have some test results and a proper diagnosis tomorrow morning sometime.

I have been to the hospital 3 times today, and as it’s a 90km round trip, I’m tired hey. That doesn’t include me dropping my daughter off at school this morning, and then dropping the car off at the dealership to have some final things sorted out.

And the thought of the work awaiting me tomorrow is not exciting me right now.

I’m going to go and try get some shut eye.

Although tonight, I don’t actually think that’ll be a problem.


PS: Oh, and it’s his birthday today. The universe’s timing really sucks sometimes.


6 Replies to “the knot is in a tangle”

      1. Good Luck to you and your family.

        I’m trying to understand what that all means, so I can only imagine how you must be feeling.



      2. How I’m understanding it, is that there’s a blood vessel that is rubbing against the trigeminal nerve, resulting in this damage causing the severe pain and blackouts. Right now there are no know cures for it, but it can be controlled with medication. So he’s hopefully going to be discharged today, and then be on a course of medication for 2 weeks. He’ll have a follow up appointment after 2 weeks to assess him and see what our next step is.



      3. I will be holding thumbs for you that the medication works and can control it. Also holding thumbs that he is discharged



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