sink or swim

IMG_20140207_120837The princess had her first swimming lesson last Friday. Her principal went with the class and managed to capture a few precious pics of her. She was so excited and happy when I saw her on Friday evening, and that made me excited and happy 🙂 As she is starting ‘big’ school next year and absolutely loves the water but doesn’t know how to swim, swimming lessons were a top priority for the hubby and I this year. When she went to her Oupa’s (grandfather’s) house yesterday, she came back yelling “I swam in Oupa’s pool mommy and I jumped in!” She of course swam with her aunt and uncle, but I’m so pleased with her immense water confidence.IMG_20140207_120750

Especially seeing as I win worst parent of the year as I threw her in the pool last December. Her aunt and uncle were of course in the pool waiting for her, but as she doesn’t yet know to hold her breath under water… Yep.IMG_20140207_120915

Bad mommy.

Very, very bad mommy 😉



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