going the extra mile

It was the aQuelle Midmar Mile this past weekend. As my company was paying for entrance into the event, I thought sure! Let’s give it another go πŸ™‚ I last swam in 2012, as in the Midmar Mile, as in the very last time that I swam anywhere! I also swam the mile in 2012 with basically no training, and completed it in just over 47mins. For my first time with no training, I was pretty chuffed πŸ™‚

Completing the Midmar Mile 2012
Completing the Midmar Mile 2012

So off I went into the relatively cold yet inviting waters of Midmar at approximately 09h57 on Saturday morning, and just over 46mins later I emerged on the other side – yay me! I must admit that the first 200m or so were tough; I was so close to calling a lifeguard to pull me out as I just couldn’t get my rhythm and kept breathing in water, but eventually I settled down, and made my way across. What a swim! I felt more tired after that 1.6km swim, than I did after the 25km race I ran 2 weekends ago! And just because I’ve been running quite a bit, did not make me anywhere NEAR prepared for that swim. My arms are still sore! Running, cycling, swimming etc all require their own type of fitness. I’ve decided that when I do go to gym, which is only a few times a month, that I’m going to swim, as I’m running 3-5 times a week now with my running partner (injury and all) so I’ll use the swimming as extra training, and to take the strain off of my knee. Oddly enough, it was my left knee that hurt during the swim on Saturday, not my right knee?!

Myself, Lucinda, Stefan & Ettienne after we'd all completed our swims
Myself, Lucinda, Stefan & Ettienne after we’d all completed our swims

It was also pretty cool that I had a yellow swimming cap this year; in 2012 I had a white cap meaning that it was my first swim, and the white caps always go last in their event, resulting in choppy water and a whole bunch of people in front of you! I was the third set in my event to go; first was orange, then blue, then yellow, then green and then white. I may have gotten the blue and green mixed up, who knows! I also got SUCH a cap and goggle tan, or should I say burn! I actually did put sunscreen on myself (for a change) and I still got quite burnt on my shoulders, face and upper arms. I have my race number burnt into my arms as I wrote the number in permanent marker and THEN put sunscreen on πŸ˜€ But I must admit that I didn’t reapply cream after the race, which is probably where most of my burn came from!

Couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day
Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day

The weather also played along beautifully; clear skies and sunshine. When I swam in 2012, it was overcast, windy and just miserable. I didn’t mind the drizzle as we were getting wet anyway, but it was just unpleasant. By the time we left on Saturday, the weather had started to turn, and I felt really sorry for the event 4 swimmers as they would have had choppy water and wind to contend with. I definitely preferred swimming in the 2nd event πŸ™‚

Event 3 swimmers making their way across the mile
Event 3 swimmers making their way across the mile
It was overall a wonderful day, and I’m really glad that I did swim. I’ve decided to swim the mile every year, as it’s a lot of fun and if we can get more colleagues to participate, I think that it could be a great team building event too. We could make a day of it, bring our families up etc.

But anyway, people have been asking for photographic evidence of my cap and goggle tan on my face.


No. πŸ˜‰


Midmar 2014 & 2012 - hopefully an annual thing for me now :)
Midmar 2014 & 2012 – hopefully an annual thing for me now πŸ™‚


3 Replies to “going the extra mile”

  1. A mile! I have yet to swim that distance at all …I am totally “WOW” ….

    I saw you mention running and biking too … you do Tri’s?

    Anyway, good going you. πŸ™‚


    1. Haha, I completed it with no swim training at all! For the second time πŸ˜‰

      I don’t do tri’s (yet) however I am really into my road running. I’m hopefully competing in the Comrades Marathon (http://www.comrades.co.za) this year but that all depends on whether or not I qualify in time, and if my knee injury heals enough for me to take place.

      I cycle at gym in the spinning studio; I’m not too stable on the road lol πŸ™‚


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