the post without a name

Today has been one of those “I should have just stayed in bed” kinda days. And you know what, I almost did. My right knee and ankle were so sore when I woke up this morning, I was so tempted to stay home, but I didn’t feel that a bit of pain warranted a day off.

Well it did.

I had an issue at work yesterday, where a small amount of money went missing off of my desk. Yes I know that I shouldn’t have left money on my desk, but whomever stole it shouldn’t have been around my desk, stealing it! Anyway, I had my suspicions as to whom it may have been, and I went up to this person and asked where my money was. This person of course vehemently denied knowing anything about it, and as much I didn’t accuse this person outright, I did say this: “you and I are the only ones that go around my desk”. Well this apparently was me accusing this person of taking my money. I suppose in a way it was, but I did not say “you stole my money”. I have no proof that it was this person, merely a gut feeling and a suspicion. I also admit that I didn’t handle the situation properly yesterday afternoon, in that I let this person’s attitude get to me, and I kinda slammed the one door. Twice. Oops?! Anyway, I left it and we didn’t speak for the rest of the afternoon.

Upon arrival at work this morning, I took some documents through to my boss’s office for signature, and he asked me what happened between me and M yesterday. Well I didn’t play dumb and I didn’t hesitate, and I told him my side of the story. He said to me that perhaps this person misinterpreted what I said (I did speak English, but you never know) and that this person was upset by my insinuation. He then brought up the slamming of doors for which I apologised and admitted that I handled the situation incorrectly. I then mentioned that there is a theft issue in the admin block, as several people have had items from stationery to important documents go missing from their work stations. My boss was perfectly civil and actually kind about the whole thing, but what has upset me was the fact that I didn’t tell a single person about my suspicions regarding this person, in fact no one even knew about our altercation yesterday afternoon, yet I saw this person telling almost every single person in the admin block yesterday afternoon about what had happened. This person then went and tattled to their boss, and mine!

When I approached this person to apologise for the fact that she misunderstood me, they were horribly defensive and it almost became a shouting match. I then asked this person to lower their voice, as I was talking in a calm manner and not shouting, and would appreciate the same. I also had to ask several times if I could actually finish what I was saying, as I was continually interrupted.

I have been in a funk the whole day, whilst this person has happily gone about their business, gossipping and carrying on like everything is hunky dory. I ended the conversation with the following, said in simple damn English; “it’s done, it’s over, it’s finished. Ok?” To which this person responded ok. We didn’t speak for the rest of the day, and I don’t think we ever will again, unless it’s work related.

And honestly, that is just fine with me.



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