ripped off (in a sense)

I took M-L to a frozen yoghurt bar yesterday afternoon, as it was so damn hot yesterday, 36˚c! I didn’t plan on taking her, but as we stopped in the shopping centre so that I could swipe my gym card go to gym, and she asked me so nicely, I thought why not. It wasn’t going to cost me much, as I give her so little, and I also felt like a little treat. We went to the store, grabbed a bowl, and she picked her 2 flavours of froyo, and then I said that she could have just 2 toppings. Sprinkles and astros it was! I then took the bowl to the counter, paid the cashier, and we sat down and shared the bowl of froyo.


On our way home, I had a bit of a figurative slap to the face. I think I overpaid! I frantically reached for my purse, checked it, and lo and behold, my R10 wasn’t there! As money is so tight, I know exactly what is in my purse, especially when it comes to notes. I started the morning off with R410 in my purse; R80 was for the 25km entry fee that I paid yesterday, R300 I had to deposit into my account, and R30 was change. When I paid the R80 fee from a R100 note, I received a R20 note back as change, leaving me with 3 x R100, 1 x R20 & 1 x R10 note. Yesterday afternoon, in my total and utter distraction of trying to stop M-L from destroying the froyo bar, instead of paying R27.70 – R1.00 for the bowl = R26.70, I paid R36.70! I put down, in this order, the money onto the counter;

1 x R10 note
1 x R20 note
1 x R5 coin
1 x R2 coin

And as the R10 was UNDERNEATH the R20, I thought nothing of it. I even waited for my R0.30 change!!! So 1 of 2 things happened; either the cashier thought that he was getting a R10 tip for a froyo that he did absolutely nothing for, except ring it up, or he saw my mistake and chose not to say anything about it. I’m sorry, but I believe that it’s the latter of the 2. I called the shop and it just rang, so I left a voicemail, detailing what had happened, with my contact details. No one has phoned me back. I have just phoned about 15mins ago, and spoke to the manager. I asked to speak to the owner, but she was apparently out for a few minutes. The manager took my details down and promised that he’d get the owner to call me back.

I know that it’s just R10, but it’s the ethics and morals behind it. I find it absolutely unacceptable that the cashier did not return MY money to me, or at least ask if I was paying R37 instead of R27. I have worked as a cashier before and believe me, people overpaying happens so often, one could almost make a living out of it!

I hope that I do get some sort of resolution from this incident, as I do love the froyo bar, and this is the first negative incident that’s happened to me since they opened in 2012.

Here’s hoping.



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