no, not the v word

About 2 weeks after Christmas I saw something that made me literally stop dead in the shops.

Easter eggs.

Easter eggs displayed for sale in the first week of January. Valentine’s Day is before Easter, yet they were displaying Easter eggs.


I don’t really celebrate Christmas, Easter etc purely because it’s all become far too over-commercialised (Christmas decorations up in September, really?!) but since M-L was born, I’ve been making more of an effort. It’s like my birthday; dude, it’s just another day in the year. I just happened to be born on said day, x amount of years ago.

But the day that I detest most of all?

Valentine’s Day.

Please explain to me why I need a singled out day in the year, to waste my money on cards and chocolates and flowers and coffee cups that I’ll inevitably break, all to ‘show my love to my better half’.

Um, no.

You can take your over-commercialised day and shove it. In fact, I’ll help you. My husband and I tell each other that we love each other every single day, and some days I lose count of how many times we say it. Yeah, it does become routine after a while, but after 10 and a bit years of being together, I’d say we’re doing ok hey? 😉

So February 14th, you my red plump apple, are just another day in my calendar.

But don’t worry, I’ll buy myself a chocolate to make you feel better about it 😉



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