i think my heart is bursting

M-L Mouse
M-L Mouse
I took this picture either on Boxing Day, or a few days after Christmas, and there is just something about it. I can sit and stare at this picture of my princess for ages. She drives me insane, gives me absolutely no privacy, is my very own personal cling-on, and she completes me.

Last night she was almost hysterical at bed time, as it was very late, she had stayed up to watch a cartoon thus she had no bedtime story. After tucking her in and saying good night, she started to cry, but I stayed firm and didn’t read her a story. I then stepped just out of her room, to listen. She lay in bed crying, at first a fake cry which turned in a weak cry, and then silence. I snuck my head around the corner, and she was lying in bed, gripping Winnie-the-Pooh, Doc and Stuffy, just starring at the wall. I then quietly made my way to the lounge. I was in the half bent over position about to sit on the couch, when she screamed for me, but almost a terrified type of scream. I went into her room and she was almost inconsolable.

“I want you mommy.”

“I love you mommy.”

“Don’t leave me mommy.”

*heart breaks*

I then sat on her little bed, wrapped her up into my arms, and proceeded to calm her down. Once her little body had stopped shuddering from her sobs, I told her how much mommy, daddy, Nana and EVERYONE loved her. I asked her if anything was wrong at school, and she said no, she likes school. The reason I asked this, was because when I dropped her off at creche yesterday, it was like it was her first day all over again! I had to leave her crying and upset because I had to get to work. It was awful!

I reassured her that she would never be alone, that she had nothing to worry about, and that we would always be there for and with her. I held her on my lap, her head snuggled into my chest for at least 5-7mins. I then softly told her that she needed to get back into bed, and she happily put her head on her pillow. I tucked her in again, and she was asleep in a matter of minutes.

It astounds me that I have such a calming effect on M-L; I am not by nature a calm person, yet this little person needed me last night to calm her and reassure her. That was a mind blowing moment if I ever did have one!

ipp I snapped this picture on Christmas day, after my hubby had found her the little robot dog that she really wanted Father Christmas to bring her, and the look on her face, the pure happiness, joy and excitement was all the thank-you I needed. And yes, she did say thank-you 😉



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