one day i’ll park straight

I am yet to park the new addition to our family straight at work. Once I’m parked, and still seated in the car, I even open my door to check that I’m ok, and only then do I get out. Then I see that I’m as skew as my sewing skills. No, I don’t move the car, because I am technically in the parking, and I’m not really affecting those next to me.

My boss was pretty cool this morning; our conversation went like this:

Me “One day I’ll learn to park my car straight. Just not today.”

Boss man *looks at our cars* “Nah, don’t worry, the parking bays are crooked, not your parking.”

Me “Ah yes, it’s not my fault!” *fist pumps*

We then both proceeded to laugh, have a chat about my new addition, and go into our offices.

See, it’s not my parking, it’s the parking bays, ’cause the boss man said so 😉


It's the parking bay's fault, not mine...
It’s the parking bay’s fault, not mine…

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