the dressing room mirrors are out to get me

I went shopping after work this afternoon with my mom, as I wanted to return a dress that we’d bought just before Christmas for a wedding that I’m attending next weekend, as it wasn’t quite suitable. It was a stunning dress, but it was definitely more for an evening function, and not a 10h30 wedding being held up in the Drakensburg mountains.

Well. I have decided that clothing companies must purchase a very special type of mirror, the type that makes you want to smash your face into the glass, as perhaps then the dress would look more attractive on you. The conversation with my mom, after we’d left the one shop twice, and the other shop once, went a little something like this:

Me: “I swear shops buy mirrors that make you want to run from the store screaming.”

Mom: “Unless you’re a size 6.”

Me: “Hmmm. Nah, they would make the size 6’s go bulimic.”

We then proceeded to go buy alcohol.

And no, I didn’t find another dress 😦 Well I actually did, but what I saw online, and what the dress actually looked like in the store, were 2 totally different things.

What the dress looked like online, so pretty!
What the dress looked like online, so pretty!
What the dress actually looked like, well kinda.
What the dress actually looked like, well kinda.
I was so disappointed; the dress wasn’t the gorgeous yellow like what was advertised on the website, but more of a weak, watered down mustard colour, and it certainly didn’t look as sexy on the hanger as it did in the picture. So I didn’t even try it on. I tried on several dress and 3/4 pant and top outfits, but nothing looked right. I looked like a plum gone wrong, or a fruit salad that was tossed 1 time too many. And as for those mirrors… Do not go clothes shopping if you intend to maintain a healthy body image, because after seeing myself in those mirrors today, I don’t think I’m eating for the next 3 years!

I do not understand why at home, my mirrors are kind, yet at a clothing outlet, they are so harsh and cruel. It could possibly be the lighting, as it is all unnatural light, but I think it could also be the fact that we are so critical of ourselves when we’re out there, that even when something looks good, we’ll still find a way to criticise it.

But when my underweight mother looks chunky in a mirror, that’s when you just put everything down, and walk out πŸ˜‰


P.S.: Still no idea what I’m wearing to the wedding next weekend.


9 Replies to “the dressing room mirrors are out to get me”

  1. Yuck. I feel my age every time I go shopping, there are teenagers everywhere and why is the damned music so loud? Ehmehgerd I have turned into my mother. I really enjoy reading your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster Award. I’m not certain if you accept awards, if not, please enjoy the compliment. If you do enjoy them, please follow the link to my post. You’ll be asked to nominate your favorite blogs/bloggers, answer my ten questions and then pass along ten of your own. Here’s my page:


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