i ran the 1/2 marathon

So I ended up running the 1/2 marathon that I told you about a few posts back this morning. I was up just after 4am, was shoving oats down my throat (eww) just before 5am and was at the starting area by 5:20am. I then wandered around, was told that the start was 1km in the opposite direction that it actually was in, and overall had a really great race. It was a tough and demanding race, however I really did notice such an improvement in my performance from the 1/2 marathon that I ran last October, and that was purely down to more training, and also eating right / better. I have been running between 2-5 times a week, varying from 2-10km on each run. Plus I’ve also started eating breakfast, which is huge for me as I don’t normally. And unfortunately, oats are the breakfast of choice, simply because they slow release energy.

There it is, in black and white :)
There it is, in black and white 🙂
So I went from painfully pushing my body to 21km from about 12-13km last year, to only feeling very mild hunger pangs at about 19km this morning. My body held out, and I was pleasantly surprised. It showed me that with training (duh) and eating right (double duh) my body positively responds. And this was a tough run man, like really tough. I was on track for 2hr30min but after the hills in Assagay and “Heidi’s Hill” (people in the Botha’s Hill, KZN area will know EXACTLY what I’m talking about) I knew that I wouldn’t make that time. If only I’d prepared myself like this last October, who knows what my time would have been! Certainly not the embarrassment that it was…

Unfortunately, I do have a bit of a gripe about today. Yes, this was a road race, but the roads were not closed off for us runners. We had to run with and against traffic, which of course is hazardous. My gripe, is that there were so many groups of runners, who blatantly ran 2-5 people abreast, taking up an entire lane, or some single runners running in the middle of the lane! This was a ROAD RACE people, and the cars needed to use the roads too! As a runner I feel that I can have a little moan about this, as whenever I heard and/or saw a car coming, if I could move over I would. Road responsibility is just as much mine as it is a car driver.

Anyway, I am once again excited for my running, and am hopefully entering a 25km next weekend. My body is a little sore, but only my ankle, knee and hip joints, and weirdly only on my right side. And my toenails are really sore! Oh the joys of being a runner 😉

Have a great end to your Sunday, and here’s hoping that Monday treats you well.


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