stop looking for the good ones

Because they will find you.

It’s been manically slightly crazy these last 2 months. Without going into too much detail, the majority of the craziness was around the 2nd hand car that we bought, that was an absolutely lemon, that we sold and then had to incur 127k worth of debt for the next 6 years, as we purchased a reliable 2nd hand vehicle. We sought legal action, and ultimately decided against pursuing it, for the following reasons:

1) Our attorney offered us an incredible discount on his fees, however if the case was adjourned or required additional days, the fee would drastically increase.
2) What our mechanic verbally told us was wrong with the car, was not actually wrong with the car according to a workshop that I took the car to. There was still major issues with the engine, however not the main issue that we had based our case around.
3) We were informed last week Thursday, via the grapevine, that there was talk of a very nasty person deciding whether or not to come after us, due to the complaint that I had posted on my blog mid December. I have since removed this post as quite honestly, our lives are worth more than the 16k we lost, and a complaint. It infuriates me that I ‘bowed’ down to these cretins, but it was the right thing to do. And anyway, so many people read that post before I removed it, that I feel that it served its purpose.

Anyway, the point of this post. The attorney that I contacted on a recommendation from my previous employer, Mr Warrick de Wet, is yet another guardian angel who has helped us in this awful situation. I contacted him last week, advising him that my husband and I had decided not to pursue the legal matter due to the reasons stated above, and I thanked him for all of his time and effort thus far. I then requested an account from him, so that I could settle with him.

He isn’t charging us.

You read that correctly. An attorney that has not charged for his services, because he took into consideration the financial issues that my husband and I are currently experiencing, and the situation that brought me to him in the first place. I am absolutely blown away by his generosity and kindness, and the fact that he is not charging me for several phone calls (1 of which was on a Saturday), several e-mails as well as a legal letter of demand sent to the 2nd hand car dealership, shows what integrity this man has.

Mr de Wet, thank-you from the bottom of my heart. As Kent Motors are now our dealership of choice, you sir are our attorney, and I will continue to inform people of the phenomenal service that you provided my family with.

Kindest regards


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