life on the edge

The pain tears through my side, stretching across my back, tingling down my thighs. I stare down at my toes, mentally pleading with them. They stare blankly back at me. There are expectant eyes all looking at me, reassuring voices soothing me and whispered murmurs behind me. They all say that I can do it. I put myself in this wheelchair and only I can get myself out of it. My left foot leaves the foot rest and flops onto the floor in front of me, and then my right. I see this happening, but I don’t feel it. My feet ‘feel’ foreign, removed from me.

I steady my arms on the arm rests, and push up. I wobble, and almost fall back into my chair.

I hover, suspended in time, willing my right foot to inch forward.

The room is silent.

This post was written in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger!

Part 2 to follow, or maybe not…


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