this doesn’t really go anywhere

Without going into too much depressing detail, today started out pretty crap. I then got to work, and it got more crap. But not from a work perspective, so that’s good.

My weekend went relatively well; I was pretty active which makes for a pleasant change. I started Saturday off with a double spinning class (1hr45min of torture, but good torture πŸ™‚ ) followed by a quick run. I then proceeded to play Betty Crocker by doing the washing (3 loads, bleh) and cleaning the kitchen and vacuuming the entire house, including my husband’s very dusty office. My sinuses loved that one. Sunday got off to a rocky-ish start; my nephew hasn’t been well so on the advice of our GP, we took him through to the casualty unit at our local hospital, where he was admitted. (but he’s already on the road to recovery, so yay! πŸ™‚ ) As we were in the area, my mom, daughter and I made our way to the local mall, where we browsed the afternoon away. We shopped, had lunch and let the princess go on rides at the mini carnival. It was actually perfect πŸ™‚ Once I dropped my mom at home and M-L and I made our way home, I went for an easy 1hr, 6km run. I really am determined to do better than ‘ok’ in my marathons this year; I am capable of making myself proud. And you know what; they more that I’m told that I’ll only injure myself, and that my body is not a runners’ body, the more I am showing the mental finger. I WILL run these races, and I WILL finish them. And quite honestly, I don’t give a continental crap that you say that my body is not suited for road running. Road running makes me happy, it’s my happy place. Blisters and sore joints and sweat and cramp are just the added bonuses.

But to end off on a more positive note, some pics from our afternoon yesterday πŸ™‚


I'm a dolphin!
I’m a dolphin!
Me-maw Me-maw!
Me-maw Me-maw!
I'm riding a fishie mommy!
I’m riding a fishie mommy!
I rock this cupcake ok?!
I rock this cupcake ok?!
Nana helping to figure out what all of the buttons do
Nana helping to figure out what all of the buttons do
I'm driving it Nana!
I’m driving it Nana!
I want another ride!!!
I want another ride!!!


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