the crazy ones

The Crazy Ones -
The Crazy Ones –
If you do not know who Robin Williams is, stop reading right now and smack yourself. I’ll forgive you if you’re not 100% sure who Sarah Michelle Gellar is, but you HAVE to remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer right?!

Anyway, I have found my new love in life. It is the quirky sitcom called ‘The Crazy Ones’. I found it quite by chance on DStv’s catch up, or on demand, or whatever the hell it’s called, last week Monday. I was scrolling through the channels sighing heavily as to what program or movie I would subject myself to watch for the 100th time, when I found it. I was home alone (well M-L was asleep and hubby was away on business, so technically alone) and I didn’t stop giggling for the entire 20mins that it played. When I watched it last night, even hubby got caught up in it and was laughing and standing in the lounge, then hopping back to the kitchen to finish supper, then bouncing back to the lounge (you get the picture) as it was so funny. I love the fact that it seems so real; real companies and celebrities are used in the sitcom, and Robin Williams is just sheer brilliance personified.

I found my happy place. Again.

I’ll let you know when I lose it. Again 😉



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