and yes, i am STILL waiting

It is Tuesday, 12h15 here in Hammarsdale, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. It also marks the 7th day that MTN have had my new cell phone and it doesn’t look like I’m going to be getting it back anytime soon.

I went into the store on Sunday asking wtf, and was told that I would have an answer on Monday (yesterday) and that I would most likely be able to collect my phone on the same day. No, I did not receive a call. The lady phoned me just over 3 hours ago, stating that the migration HADN’T EVEN GONE INTO EFFECT YET! Long story short, they were taking the higher contract, cancelling it, dropping me back down to my old contract, and then the lady at the shop could upgrade me to the medium contract. But she can’t do anything until I’m back on my old contract. I am going to have a much higher bill next month, as I had to pay for the once off contract renewal fee, the pro rata for this month plus next month plus a full month’s contract, and I don’t even have the damn phone!

Yay MTN; top notch customer service, as always.

And yes, I’m being VERY sarcastic.



2 Replies to “and yes, i am STILL waiting”

    1. I dunno, I’m with both MTN and VodaCom, and I’ve had way less issues with VodaCom than I have with MTN. I should have never renewed my MTN contract last week; that’ll learn me 😉


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