awww, are you expecting a little one?!

I’m sorry what? Am I expecting a baby? Really? Me? Well, there’s no one else but the 2 of us at the printer, so you must be asking ME that question.

This is what I was asked, about 50 minutes ago. I was so shocked and taken aback, that all I could respond with was, no. I have people praising me on my trimmer body, congratulating me on my hard work with my running, but you, a contractor that I see maybe once every 3 months, have the audacity to ask the very personal question, that is ‘am I expecting a baby.’

Unless you are 101% sure that the woman you are about to ask is actually pregnant, YOU DO NOT ASK THAT QUESTION! Not only is it highly embarrassing for the person that you’re asking if she isn’t, 9/10 it’s pretty darn embarrassing for you who is asking the question. But you my dear, are so dense that you just smiled and said ‘oh’. What if I had been pregnant, but had a miscarriage, as what happened in 2004? A school friend confided in me today that that’s happened 3 times to her this year alone; not only is it a personal question, it can also be a very deep and hurtful question, especially if you have experienced a loss in recent months, or ever.

So yeah, I’m in a FANTASTIC mood right now. And it doesn’t help that the guys fitting my new car windscreen are trying to screw me for every last penny that I have.

Happy friggin’ Monday ya’ll.



9 Replies to “awww, are you expecting a little one?!”

  1. Just bow your head and say a quick little prayer for serenity – and for that person to get really fat. 🙂 I do it all the time, it’s an effed up little mood lifter.


    1. I know right?! *le sigh* But, on the upside, because of my foul mood caused by that insensitive, tactless wench, I took absolutely no crap from the guy that was installing my new car windscreen, who wanted to charge me more than the price that we had agreed on earlier 🙂


    1. This is the 2nd time it’s happened to me, but I don’t count the first time, as my daughter was only 4 months old, and I did look pregnant 🙂 But this time around, it was a serious wtf moment!


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