bleh bleh meh bleh

I should not be allowed into a shop, or shopping centre unsupervised. It only ever ends in total and utter disaster. Case in point…

Yesterday I went through to the MTN store in Kloof as I was in the area and wanted to see what my options are. I left the store, with a renewed contract and a brand new, very pretty Samsung S4 cell phone, and a higher contract to pay for at the end of every month. I got home last night, and as my hubby is still away on business, I had time to ponder. And what I pondered did not sit well with me. I only had 4 months left on this stupid MTN contract, and then I would have been free of it. I have been threatening for 6 years, yes 6 years, to cancel my MTN contract, and then as soon as it’s time to renew, I do it anyway instead of waiting for the time to lapse, so that I can then cancel the contract.

Anyway, I tweeted for help, and was told that I could return the phone and cancel the contract as there’s a 14 day cooling off period, according to the Consumer Protection Act. So I went into the store this morning, and was told no, I could not return the phone, as once the box has been opened, it is technically a ‘used’ phone. They could offer me 1 of 2 options; 1) cancel the renewal and contract, and I would then have to pay 9k for the phone (my butthole got very small at that precise moment) and 2) drop the subscription to a lower subscription that was closer to my old subscription price and then keep the phone. Well I opted for option 2 (seriously, what would you have done?) and MTN now owns my ass for the next 2 years. 4 months. I just had to wait for 4 months. *le sigh*

Wendy Knowler is a well known consumer journalist in South Africa and I tweeted her asking for her advice, as I just didn’t understand the Consumer Protection Act, and needed to urgently know my rights. Unfortunately, as I initiated the contract renewal, the 14 day cooling off period doesn’t apply to this instance 😦

4 months. 4 stupid months. Ai yai yai yai yai.

If you look up impulsive and gullible in the dictionary, there is no description. Just my picture, with a note – ‘see Genevieve Stander’



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