an event planner, i am not

Christmas Functions. Year End Functions. Ugh. I normally love them, but that’s because I have nothing to do with the planning of them. I just arrive, and the party begins 😉

This year, it’s just a little different, in that I have to plan our year end function. Fun. NOT. I am not the party planning type; I’ve posted about my daughter’s 4th birthday party, which took almost 7 months of planning, and that was just for a 2 hour party!

This year, there was a lot of umming and ahhing as to whether or not we’d even be having a year end function, due to cost saving. Well, on Tuesday the 5th of November, I was told to go ahead and plan something. Now please take into consideration that well organised people have already planned their corporate year end event back in August & September! I have been very spoilt in my previous jobs, where I had absolutely nothing to do with the planning of the function, I literally just arrived at it, and always had a great time. Well, with a little (read A LOT) of help from a few of my managers, we’ve planned a pretty kick ass year end function 🙂

1. Venue booked
2. Catering organised (part of the cost of the venue)
3. Comedian booked 😀
4. Sound system organised via a colleague
5. Jumping castle (yes you read that correctly ;)) organised
6. Fun awards nominations sent out, just need to finalise the certificates and gifts 🙂

But then brightspark over here went and made the fluffy of all fluffies; instead of sending the costing to our factory manager BEFORE forwarding it onto his boss, a DIRECTOR, this ex-blonde sent the costing directly to the director, and cc’d her manager on the e-mail. Let’s just say it’s been a bit of a crappy morning *sigh* But hopefully it all works out; I mean I’ve planned a year end function for under 10k for 28 people; I mean that’s gotta count for something right?!

And as luck would have it, our function is on the 13th of December. Friday the 13th.

This can only end well.



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