the world is ending – bring me FOOD!

So, today’s Daily Prompt wants us to discuss what we would eat, talk about, the setting and who we would invite to our last supper, as apparently the world is ending tomorrow. I could care less about the people (obviously only if I was single, duh) and conversation is so overrated most days. And eating in my bed or on my couch is quite acceptable, thank-you very much! For me, the most important thing, is the food.

Cheesey bacon garlic bread, stuffed with so much garlicy butter, not even Dracula would attempt a kiss

Main Course
Roast pork smeared with apple sauce, crispy roast potatoes (the kind that are soft and mushy on the inside, but so crispy on the outside you think you might crack a tooth), roasted butternut smothered in cinnamon, sticky rice drenched in a rich gravy and crispy crackling with a side of gravy for dunking

Now it gets interesting, because this is the best part 😀
Fridge cheesecake, with caramel and bar one sauce drizzled over it
Lemon Meringue Pie – my mom’s recipe as it’s the best in the entire world
Fresh chocolate and cream eclairs
Vanilla ice-cream and hot, creamy bar-one sauce
Peppermint Crisp Tart, with a tub of vanilla ice-cream
Waffles, with a banana and chocolate sauce topping, smothered in vanilla ice-cream (I really love vanilla ice-cream in case you haven’t picked that up)

And if people are a must, then obviously my immediate family (yes, the whole crazy bunch) as whether you’re a president, celebrity or whoever, you’re gonna die too. We’d most likely have it at my house, so that when I go back for seconds and thirds, I won’t be frowned at by the prissy miss in at the table next to me and the conversation? Well we’re all dying tomorrow, so who the hell cares what we’ll be talking about?!

I’m a barrel of fun, aren’t I?! 😉


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