tonsillitis and sick notes

I’m sitting at my mom’s, hooked up to her wifi, in my happy place, and then my sister’s friend tells me that not only does she have tonsillitis, the creche that she works at told her to still come into work, and NOT tell the parents what was wrong with her.

1. She has a sick note so by law is allowed to take the sick days allocated to her by her doctor
2. What the actual *%#@??? Tonsillitis is a contagious illness; how can the owner of the creche insist that she work whilst sick, especially with this? AND then still instruct her to LIE to the parents?!

When told that she had to go into work today, the owner said that she ‘needed a break’. Fair enough, my sister’s friend was only there for 1.5 hours but still! It takes a split second to get sick – what the hell was this woman thinking?! (the creche owner, not my sister’s friend). I know the name of the creche but I won’t post it but thank GOODNESS my daughter doesn’t go to that creche. I am absolutely flabbergasted and shocked at this.

And that’s my 2 cents worth.



5 Replies to “tonsillitis and sick notes”

      1. Oh I’m sure, I know my daughter’s creche has told me ‘little white lies’ but if I ever found out that they lied about something as big as this… Let’s just say 1 x angry mama!! 😉


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