the sunshine award

sunshine-award_thumbA few days ago (ok 12 to be exact, my bad) my friend Jane nominated me for a Sunshine Award. Not sure why as I most certainly do not ooze sunshine, more like disdain and pessimism with loads of tongue pulling ๐Ÿ˜‰ What the Sunshine Award is, is a way for you to get to know your fellow bloggers. You answer eleven questions that the person who nominated you sent you, and you then give eleven facts about yourself and nominate and give questions for eleven other bloggers to answer.

So, here goes the Q&A from Jane to me:

1. If you could choose to move your birthday would you??

Nah, quite happy with my birthday, it’s in March is which just enough time past Christmas, plus it’s normally sunny, so outdoor parties etc are usually a given.

2. Do you know the difference between there, their, theyโ€™re?

Yes!! I am a ‘bit’ of a grammar Nazi; I actually feel my toes curl when someone uses your instead of you’re, or to instead of too. So that’ll be a yes then *giggles* ๐Ÿ˜‰

3. What is your pet hate?

Being interrupted. Whether it be in conversation, a program I’m watching or a task that I’m trying to complete, once I’m in the zone and then interrupted out of it, I battle to get back into it which frustrates me like hell!

4. If you could learn another language what would it be?

Honestly isiZulu. I would love to converse in the native tongue of so many of South Africa’s residents. I know how to say hello, how are you and what’s your name. *le sigh*

5. What is your favorite thing to โ€˜pinโ€™ on Pinterest?

Anything to do with weddings. I never got my ‘dream’ wedding so I’ve pretty much planned it on Pinterest ๐Ÿ˜€

6. If you could star in a movie what would it be about and who would play your co-star?

It would most definitely be a family drama / comedy. I would LOVE to star next to Jim Carrey or Steve Carell and I’d like Helen Hunt to play my mom. I wouldn’t mind some Julia Roberts either *grins*

7. If you were to win the lottery what is the first thing you would do?

So cliched, but pay off my debt. Give myself and my family a fresh start.

8. Where have your travels taken you?

I’ve only ever been out of South Africa once, and that was in 1997 to Swaziland, on a school trip. In South Africa I’ve been to Johannesburg, Cape Town, Free State & Port Elizabeth. Exciting, I know.

9. If you could wake up and be anything you wanted, what would you want to be?

I would love to have been 1 of 2 things; a high school teacher or a singer-actress. Such opposite ends of the rope I know, but I have wanted to be a teacher since I can remember, and I do have a flair for the dramatics, and a fair singing voice.

10. What memories do you remember from pre-school??

I cried, like ALL THE TIME. And I only ever played with the boys. Hmmm…

11. What does the Fox say??

Eat your vegetables! (just for my daughter ;))

Ok, so the eleven bloggers that I’m nominating are as follows:

Okay, what if?
Whispers of a Barefoot Medical Student
A Little Bit of Lee
Stuphblog by Twindaddy
Grumpy Comments
I’ve become my parents
A Two Storey Home
Baby Borealis
Mando Mama
The Stiletto Mum

And my eleven questions for you wonderful bloggers are as follows: (this could take a while… Ummmm…)

1. Where in the world are you?!
2. Have you experienced true joy in life? If so, what from?
3. What is your most embarrassing moment EVER?
4. If you’re having the worst day possible, what one thing (or even two or sixteen) gets you through it?
5. Do you believe that puppy kisses are just the best thing ever?!
6. Are you a bath or shower person?
7. Where do you see yourself 4 and 3/4 years time?
8. Do you believe in love at first sight?
9. What social media platforms are you currently on?
10. What is your favourite ‘comfort food’?
11. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers – finish the tongue twister, preferably WITHOUT our trusty friend Google (but I’ve linked it for you anyway, cause I’m nice like that ;))

Have fun!



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