the greatest blog post in the world

Is not this one.

My mom and I were chatting yesterday evening after I’d stopped by at her house after work and fetching M-L from creche, and our little routine is that she carries M-L to the car, buckles her into her car seat, and then we end up chatting for 2mins, 5mins, sometimes 10mins. She stands outside the car, next to M-L, door open and I sit in the driver’s seat, and we just chat. Sometimes about random stuff, sometimes about important stuff, but it’s mostly venting or ranting or just arbitrary nonsense.

But yesterday, she gave me such a great blogging idea, an idea so immense, that I have totally forgotten what it was. I literally forgot in the time that it took from driving from her house to my house, which is 7km away, and takes me generally about 5-10mins, depending on my mood which ultimately determines my driving style.

I could absolutely kick myself; I sometimes really struggle to find a decent topic to blog about and then when I do, I either duff it up by stumbling through it, or forgetting it altogether.

It’s crazy; I can remember lines in a play, recite poetry by heart, remember lyrics to a song, but I cannot remember something that I was discussing 10mins earlier. This short-term memory lapse thing is really crap! My hubby has been going on about it for years, but now that it’s starting to frustrate me, I kinda get the steam pouring out of his ears when he asks me what I think about something, and I turn around and say “about what?”

I have been told so many times to write stuff down, but that’s just not who I am. I used to be able to have our weekly production meetings, and type out the minutes afterwards purely from memory! I can recall things discussed in last week’s meeting, or even the meeting from 2 months ago, just don’t ask me what we discussed this morning. I haven’t suffered a head injury (that I’m aware of!) and the only thing I can think of is the dreaded, sometimes fictitious ‘pregnancy brain’ but c’mon, it’s been 4 years already! Almost 5 if you include the pregnancy!

Ay, I dunno. I tend to remember things when I see someone else blog about it, or talk about it, or take a picture of it, and I’m like damn, that could have been me.

One day 😉



8 Replies to “the greatest blog post in the world”

  1. Did you get your Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear yet? There is a Voice memo function on the Galaxy Gear that will help you with this…I use it all the time


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