the truth hurts like a 4 year old’s stomp on your foot

I have made no qualms in admitting that I’m lazy. Hell, I’ve even blogged about it a few times. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt like a slap across the cheek when I hear it. And I hear it a lot. Well, not that much anymore, as I think that my hubby has given up telling me that I’m lazy; he mentally blasts his thoughts at me now 😉

I never used to be a lazy person; I was always the first to jump up and get involved in something, or go for a run, or just do something, anything. It was like I had permanent ants in my pants! But as I’ve gotten older, and money’s become tighter, I think that I’ve begun to use it as an excuse to just not do anything. What’s the point of putting my clothes in my cupboard, when I’m just going to have to open my cupboard to get them out again? Why should I take my shoes out of the lounge when I’m going to wear them again tomorrow? Why should I take all of my daughter’s ‘stuff’ out of the car when she’s just going to add more on the weekend anyway?

No one likes to hear anything negative being said to them, however the saying that ‘the truth hurts’ is as about as accurate a thing you’ll ever hear. And the reason that ‘the truth hurts?’

Because it’s the truth.


This post was written in response to today’s Daily Prompt: Sad But True


15 Replies to “the truth hurts like a 4 year old’s stomp on your foot”

  1. You know what I have a child… And I’m still lazy… Which doesn’t make me a bad mother, just means that some “non important” issues will probably only get done later. But I know the feeling of someone bluntly saying it to your face. For instance, DH is even more lazy (his parents never made him do chores) & when he preaches to me about it, I just smile and think to myself “I’m getting advice from the expert!”


      1. Some days I wish for that as well… So I could throw up my feet in the air & watch him run around a little!

        I don’t think he will last an hour & I still want my house in standing condition. 🙂


      2. Heehee, I think that’s exactly how my husband feels! Although I must admit, that when the domestication bug hits, it hits hard and everyone had just better move out of my way! I clean and scrub and vacuum and tidy and pack away like there’s no tomorrow!

        But I also have this rather lovely habit of leaving a trail of destruction behind me… 😉


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