party planning part 3

Oh. My. God. 4 days. 4 days until my daughter’s Jake & the Neverland Pirates party. I’m not very good with lists; I make mental lists and then forget the first half by the time I’ve reached the second half aka the end. Ok, so let’s run through this then…

1. Venue booked, hubby paying this week
2. Cakes x 2 booked
3. Sweets, chips & cooldrink being bought on Friday
4. Jumping castle being fetched on Friday (thanks mommy)
5. Cupcakes being baked on Friday, icing them on Saturday morning
6. Still deciding what the hell to do for the adults; coffee & tea is provided at the venue, now I’m trying to decide between sandwiches or cocktail sausages rolls. But my awesome brother is possibly going to sponsor a platter from our local Spar, so I’m really hoping that that comes through!
7. Fairy bags for the girls are 90% complete; hubby is sorting out the foam swords for the boys sometime this week. The maps for the treasure hunt will be done by me sometime this week too *gulp*
8. Pirate wigs and hats purchased, as well as pass-the-parcel presents just in case it rains and we can’t use the jumping castle
9. 2 awesome birthday candles purchased, a ‘4’ and a ‘Birthday Girl’ all covered in glitter
10. Themed paper plates, cups, serviettes & table clothes purchased
11. Themed bunting and serviettes all the way from my Aunt Cathy in the UK arrived yesterday, so yay! πŸ˜€
12. Homemade bunting being borrowed from one of M-L’s friend from school from her party

I KNOW that I’ve left something out, and I have no idea what! But I am getting so excited for her party, and the fact that it’s on her birthday this year, is just making that much more special!

So, wish me luck!


P.S.: how could I forget number 13 – her birthday presents! 1 x Doc McStuffins & 1 x Stuffy Dragon purchased and hidden away πŸ™‚

All the way from the UK!  Thanks Aunty Cathy :)
All the way from the UK! Thanks Aunty Cathy πŸ™‚

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