i don’t have a name for this post

That’s how meh I am right now. This started yesterday afternoon, when a manager just put me in the worst mood possible. This specific manager’s forte, is making people feel as small and as stupid as possible, purely because she doesn’t know what the hell she is doing herself. And the task that she criticised me for, wasn’t even mine to begin with! I had offered my help to the relevant people, as they were busy and it took a whole 5mins out of my day. But this manager didn’t explain herself, she just criticised and criticised and criticised. I should have sat with her cost accountant, she told me. He would have given me the right words to put into the documents, she told me. I looked her straight in the eye; I did. Those are his words that you’re criticising, not mine. Well, she didn’t have a reply for that. But I deleted the workflow request from my system, as it was sooooo wrong, and told the cost accountant and other manager to load their own documents. They of course found the whole thing hilarious. Me, not so much.

It also didn’t help that I had had about 3 hours total sleep on Wednesday night, due to the fact that my daughter was really ill; she threw up 9 times between 4pm-9pm, had a 38.5c temperature at 1:15am on Thursday morning, and I was the one taking care of her. She was so lethargic and pale, that by 10pm I was seriously contemplating taking her through to the emergency room at the hospital. But we (sorry I) sat it out, and yesterday morning she woke up with a bit more energy, and then spent the day at my mom’s house. I was so damn tired yesterday, that I, for the first time in my life, fell asleep at work. It was only for 5mins, but I was asleep. It’s ok; I counted it as part of my overdue lunch break 😉 I phoned my hubby and told him that when I brought M-L home, I would bath her and then I was going to bed. I didn’t even care about supper; he could sort the 2 of them out. He was ok with that, as he understood how tired I was. I got home just before 6pm, bathed M-L, and then the 2 of us plonked on the couch, and I fell asleep, again. It was about an hour long nap of sorts, and when I woke up I felt a bit more human. I then proceeded to pass out on the couch yet again, and was then woken at about 2am by Rodney no 3, the rooster from hell.

Rodney no 3 then crowed, or cock-a-doodle-dood or whatever for the next 4 and a bit hours. And I’m not talking about once an hour. Every single minute it seemed, this damn rooster let the whole planet know that he was awake. I could hear the rooster on the neighbouring property crowing; roosters believe it or not respond to each other, but Rodney no 3 may as well have been sitting on my lap, his crowing was so loud. And my bad mood was back. With a vengeance. Instant bad mood, bitchy mama. I told my hubby when he woke up, that he had to do something about that damn rooster. Ok, what he asked me. Nothing I said. Yup, that bitchy. And I don’t care if it’s not coming across as bitchy. It was. I was an utterly horrible human being this morning. But not to M-L; she did nothing wrong and I was just so relieved that she was back to her own self. My bad mood then hung over me like a grey cloud on a rainy day all the way to work; the slightest things on the road annoyed the hell out of me; my language was so very colourful this morning 😉

I must admit that my inner bitch has calmed down a bit, and thank goodness for that as I have now become the office joke with the whole situation from yesterday. And when I say office joke, I do mean it in a good way, as my boss has been teasing me about it, but in such a naughty, genuine manner that I cannot help but scowl and then giggle back at him.

I know that we can choose to be in a good mood or bad, but I really did try my absolute best to be in a good mood. Sadly, the bitch was just too strong with me this morning.

So just hand me the coffee, and walk away. No better yet, run.



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