the reality of parenting

A very true and thought provoking post; motherhood is not always ‘natural’ for all women. I sure as hell battled in my first few months, and even now some days are a battle. I don’t see it as a weakness; it’s something that I live with and deal with everyday. Each and every woman and mother is different, and thank goodness for that 🙂

cupcakes and sailors

So I saw this on FB this morning:

Something I wrote offended someone I don’t know SO deeply, that they actively sought out my email address, mailed me about it last night and told me I was “doing a disservice to new mothers by talking about the difficult parts of parenting” and that I’ll “scare people away from having babies” because I “make it sound hard”.

That said – maybe it’s just my genetics, but every time I get told I’ve offended someone, or someone bitches at me for being honest or having an unpopular opinion, I can hear my Mom and Dad applauding me in my head.

By the way, the thing that offended them? Was me saying this, a while ago… It does not come naturally

So I decided I needed to add my two cents in as well because, well, I just needed to.
Parenting is in…

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