so there was this rooster

And last week he wondered into our garden, and adopted us. Well, actually he adopted our 3 hens. 1 rooster, 3 hens, every man’s dream right? Well not mine. We’ve nicknamed him Rodney 3; why 3 you ask? Well, there was Rodney 1, and Rodney 2. And in keeping with tradition, he’s Rodney 3. So what happened to Rodney 1 & 2 you ask? Well as I’m a suburban gal living in half suburbia, half in the middle of nowhere, I don’t particularly enjoy being woken up to a rooster crowing or whatever the hell they do. Ok honestly, it’s not that bad, however when Rodney 1 & 2 would start their cock-a-doodle-doing at 5am, and then continue it until about 6:30am, then I minded. I minded a lot.

Rodney 1 was given to the gardener; I think he became supper.

Rodney 2 was apparently killed by our landlord’s dog. But I think that he became someone’s lunch. Or mid afternoon stew. Food.

Rodney 3 has been with us for about a week now; I woke up to him cock-a-doodle-doing at about 5am last Wednesday morning when my hubby was away, and I was too shocked to be annoyed. I phoned my hubby later that morning and informed him that we had a new rooster, and he was almost ecstatic! Hopefully our hens will start laying eggs again, he said to me. Maybe we’ll even get some chicks again, he said to me. It has been 1 week and Rodney has already cemented his place in our menagerie, as a pain in my ass! He crows or whatever from about 1:30am to about 2am, every single morning. He then starts up again at about 5am. These sessions can last anywhere from 30mins to 1hr. Now I understand that a rooster will cock-a-doodle-doo when it starts to get light, but 1:30am? Really? And right outside my bedroom window? Really?

Let’s just say that no matter how tough rooster meat can be, if Rodney 3 doesn’t stop cock-a-doodle-doing and I mean like now, his time in my garden is not going to last much longer. As in our garden boy comes in on Friday. As in I don’t mind not having fresh laid eggs, or little chicks running around my garden.

Rodney, watch your cock-a-doodle-doing, or you’ll be cock-a-nothing very soon!

Rodney the 3rd aka pain in my ass!
Rodney the 3rd aka pain in my ass!

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