the birthday wizard

My daughter is turning 4 next Saturday, the 26th. My daughter is still sharing my bed with my husband, 2 dogs, herself and then me. I have mentioned a few times (yes more than a few times, I know) that I am a light sleeper, when I even get any sleep. The fact that there are sometimes 5 of us in the bed, and it’s only a double bed does not help the situation at all. Last night I decided to try and use her upcoming birthday and party to my advantage.

Me: “M-L, you know that it’s your birthday soon hey?”
M-L: “Yes mommy, and I’m having a Jake & the Neverland Pirates party!”
Me: “Yes love, you are. But you know what? The birthday wizard has been watching what a good girl you’ve been, and now, he wants to give you a really awesome present, but he needs you to be a really big girl now.”
M-L: “Ok mommy, what does the birthday wizard want me to do?”

Info bite; my husband introduced ‘the wizard’ about 6 months ago when M-L was going through a bit of a naughty phase, especially at school. Bullying, fighting, snatching, normal toddler ‘stuff’, and so he came up with the wizard; a magical being that is watching her all day, every day (yes, I agree that when it’s put like that it’s pretty freaky) and would ‘reward’ her for being good. Yes, it’s bribery. And no, I don’t really care what you think of this method, it WORKS! The school would tell me if she was good or not when I fetched her in the afternoons, and from there either a sweet, or a packet of chips or an ice-cream would be bought as a ‘reward’. We have slowly managed to get her to understand that now she has to be ‘good’ for longer periods of time, before a ‘reward’ is given to her. Ok, back to the conversation.

Me: “Well love, the birthday wizard needs you to start sleeping in your bed again, because you’re such a big girl now, and soon you’re going to be 4, and he won’t be able to give you your awesome presents if you don’t start sleeping in your bed again.”
M-L: …thinks… “Ok mommy, I’ll sleep in my bed again.”
Me: “But it must be every night hey? It’s ok if you come through in the morning and snuggle and cuddle with mommy and daddy, but when you doo-doo at bedtime, it must be in your bed.”
M-L: “Ok mommy; can I sleep now?”

And for the first time in about 3 weeks or possibly even longer, my husband and I slept in OUR bed, and as an added bonus M-L didn’t join us! It has been so bad, that we’ve been taking turns sleeping on our couch, and I seriously cannot decide which is more uncomfortable; our bed or our couch… M-L slept right through to about 6am, as for whatever absurd reason, my hubby decided to wake her up at that time, totally interfering with my morning routine, as now I had this half asleep little girl to worry about, and I was only about 3/4 ready myself! “I want cartoons mommy” and “I want a sarmie mommy” and “I’m thirsty mommy”. But you know what, I actually didn’t mind, as I finally got to sleep in my bed with my husband last night! Yay me! Although I will admit that we did have a few tears this morning, as M-L thought that she would get her ‘awesome presents’ this morning when she woke up from sleeping in her bed. A big hug and kiss and a gentle explanation later, and she was all smiles.

So thank-you birthday wizard; you are a sleep saver 🙂


PS: And yes, the ‘awesome birthday presents’ have already been bought, and are safely hidden away, waiting for next Saturday morning 🙂

My cup runneth over...
My cup runneth over…

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