nope, i lost it; it’s gone

My sanity that is. Why you ask? Well apart from juggling finances, a stubborn, beautiful almost 4 year old, a stubborn, wonderful husband, and well, life, I happen to work for a company that has pretty much blocked every single interesting website out there.

For example; I follow a few bloggers on WordPress as well as on other blogging sites, but I have all of their url’s linked to my WordPress reader. So whilst scrolling through the list of new posts, I click on what looks like a really interesting post and…. ACCESS DENIED.

Ooooh, malicious URL...
Ooooh, malicious URL…

To ensure that I keep my job, I did try my very best to smudge out the important bits, like my company info… The one post I clicked onto yesterday, I was told that it was themed with ‘Adult Content’ thus I wouldn’t be able to view it. All forms of social media are blocked; Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. It’s a flipping miracle that I can still access WordPress, although I have most likely jinxed myself there.

Yes I know that work is for working, but I feel that it’s good for one to take a break, and see what everyone else is up to. Pin some random pictures, poke some not so random friends, and favourite some arbitrary person’s tweets. I can’t even read a damn blog post without feeling like criminal!

It was quite funny, as there used to be a loop hole. We use IE at work, but I used to only use it for our intranet, and then I used Google Chrome for any internet related ‘things’, and about 4 months ago, suddenly no one could access Google Chrome. Now take into consideration, that I used to be able to go onto Pinterest with Google Chrome. Ahhh, and so the plot thickens. Our IT department told us that Chrome kept crashing for some people if they used it for the intranet, and so made it that everyone had to use IE. I looked at the dude, and told him BULLSHIT. There was a loophole; people were able to access websites on Chrome that they couldn’t on IE, thus you blocked Chrome. I was then told that I wasn’t such a blonde after all 😉

So, in response to the weekly writing challenge, I’ve decided to have a rant. I have had a few on this blog, but I felt that this was definitely something ‘out of the box’.


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