i should be named impatient, not g

I am a good writer. In fact, I think that I could be a great writer. My one real issue; impatience. I have so many awesome ides (well I think they’re brilliant) but I’m in such a rush to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, that I so often just go with my first draft, even though deep down, I’m really not 100% happy with it. I just have this fear that I’ll forget what I wanted to write, and because I so often do, I try and get it down as fast as possible.

I’ve also noticed this nasty little habit increase, as I’ve moved away from physically writing something down, and rather typing it. I remember that feeling of taking a breath, pushing away from my desk, and seeing 20 odd pages of words in front of me, and what a satisfying rush it gave me. I think that I’ve become so used to the mediocre, that I’m allowing my writing to resonate that. And that’s wrong, I know.

I’ve been so desperate to try and post everyday, but not only has that not been possible due to work and / or life, I have really been battling for writing ideas. Then I generally hash some total and utter piece of bullcrap, and I sit back thinking to myself “I can’t believe that you published that”.

Writing is an intense passion of mine, and I have always expressed myself better in writing that with the spoken word. I have felt my passion dying, so in order to revive it, you might not hear from me all that often anymore.

But believe me, when you do, I promise that it’ll be worth the wait.



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