they’re just clothes

So the Daily Post has us looking at our style today. I suppose I have some sort of style; fashion isn’t as important to me as it is to some people. I mostly wear clothes that are comfortable, I try and dress appropriately for the work place, and I do have 1 or 6 special outfits for when I really have to dress up, like for a big meeting, or a site visit etc. But I’m also the kind of woman that can leave the house with my hair in a messy ponytail or bun, no make-up, no jewellery except for my ring and watch and be absolutely fine with it. I know that first impressions count, but I don’t exactly dress like a slob, at least not all of the time 😉

If someone is going to judge me solely on how I look, well that’s their problem. And yes, I have been guilty of this myself. I watch this program called How Do I Look, and my heart honestly breaks for some of those people. And I can happily say that my comfort clothes, are cool and hip and fashionable, compared to some of those outfits on that show! The before outfits, of course 😉 Although some of the after outfits leave me wondering sometimes…

I must admit, that I do feel more ‘important’ and ‘prettier’ when I make an effort; apply the clown face (make-up), destroy my hair (straighten it) and suck it up all into an A-line skirt, but that’s honestly not me. I prefer the natural look, and quite honestly, people are more shocked when I DO dress up and wear make-up, because they’re so used to seeing me as me. When I dress up, I feel like I’ve stepped out of my body and into someone else’s. Some days it’s ok, but most days I hate it. The amount of times I’ve rubbed my eye, and 10mins later looked down at my purple keyboard because my eye shadow and liner have been smeared all down my cheek and fingers *sigh*

I just want to scratch my eye in peace man!


This is me and my princess;  make-up and contact lens free, wearing my comfy clothes :)
This is me and my princess; make-up and contact lens free, wearing my comfy clothes 🙂

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