party planning part 2

Well, the princess’ party planning is in full swing. I spent about an hour last night writing out the invitations, which as tedious as it was, put a smile on my face, as there’s something about receiving a handwritten invitation that is just so awesome 😀 I then got to work this morning, and realised that I was 2 invites short, and also had to e-mail about 6 people who I don’t see very often to invite them to her party. Plus, I actually ran out of invites. I had 30 invites. I ran out. Oops?!

The venue has been booked, the sweets have been organised, the decorations have been purchased, and now it’s just the smaller things to deal with. Sandwiches for the adults (thanks mommy ;)), some homemade marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkles for the kids, some awesome biscuits that I’ve become pretty good at making for the adults to go with their coffee and tea, and then of course, the cake. I really wanted to do a 3D cake for her party, but at just under R1,000.00 for the cake, that was the quickest no I’ve ever said in my life! I mean that’s the cost of the venue! Anyway, my aunt in Louisiana, USA has sent me some Jake & the Neverland Pirates figurines (which need to hurry up and arrive already!) so I’m thinking that I might just bake the cake myself (thanks again mommy) and do a scene on the cake or something with the figurines. I made her first cake which was edible but not the most attractive, and we’ve bought her last 2 birthday cakes, but I think that I want to make her cake a bit more personal for her this year. But we’ll see. I do however have to decide quickly, as last year when I went in to get her cake made at the same store that did it the year before, I was told that a week was too little notice. I was actually in shock. All I wanted was a box cake with a picture of SpongeBob on it. Nothing special, no extras. A cake, icing and a picture. I luckily found another store, 3 days before her party that was able to help a very frazzled mama out!

And so the countdown has begun – 26 days to go!

Someone get me some wine, and don’t bother with a glass 😉



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