my first half marathon

So I’ve entered my first half marathon. The Goss & Balfe South Coast Half Marathon, taking place next Sunday, the 6th of October 2013. Am I absolutely mad in the head? Why yes, yes I am.

This will be the longest distance that I have ever tackled, however I now comfortably run 10km with no pain or stiffness. Although I haven’t exactly been training all that often, due to the flu, and hospital visits, etc et al. I am the type of person that will start something, and come hell or high water, I WILL finish it.

I am not the best runner, I am most certainly not the fastest runner. But I have completed every single race that I have entered, within the allotted time and I do it with a smile on my face. Granted, my first 10km I finished with more of a grimace on my face, but it’s pretty much the same thing these days 😉 I am not really ready for this 21.1km next weekend, but this is how I test myself. I wasn’t really ready for Spar Ladies 10km back in June, but I completed it, and I beat my time from last year, which is what I wanted to do.

I am slowly building up my mileage; I have found my 42.2km Comrades Marathon 2014 qualifier, the Maritzburg City Marathon, taking place in February 2014. It is an official Comrades qualifier, and as I have already entered the Comrades for next year, I feel that I have given myself more than enough time to work on my mileage, and get some decent km’s on my legs.

So wish me luck for next weekend; if you don’t see any posts after the 6th of October, you’ll know that I didn’t make it 😉



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