open mouth change foot

Today’s Daily Prompt: Celebrate Good Times has brought back a rather embarrassing memory.

Wednesday the 19th of December 2012, I received a phone call from a recruitment agency, asking if I would be available for a job interview the next day. I of course said, of course! The recruitment agency lady informed me of the job prospects, salary being offered, perks and benefits, and I just sat at my desk, grinning like the Cheshire cat. I then sent my husband a bbm. Now, I blame my phone completely as firstly, it’s a Blackberry, and secondly, it’s a Blackberry. I was practically dancing in my office at the prospect of a new job, a new start, a better salary plus benefits, that I sent the following message, TO MY BOSS:

Me: I have a job interview at ******* ******* tomorrow in Hammarsdale, 10h30. I am so excited; this is the job of my dreams! >insert bbm happy face, dancing face and party face<

Boss: Great. Good luck.

Me: …

My little private celebration turned to dead lead weight in my chest. I only realised what I had done, when my boss had bbm’d me back. I honestly did not know that I had selected his name instead of my hubby’s name. I just sat there in silence, absolutely dumbstruck. I could not believe that I had been that stupid and careless! I phoned my hubby in a panic, and he tried to calm me down (didn’t work) and I did go and speak to my boss, who was understandably annoyed with me, but I at least had the decency and respect to go and speak to him face to face. I told him that it was just an interview; nothing was confirmed. Well, I resigned on Thursday the 27th of December 2012, 1 week and 1 day after my oopsie.

I will never live it down; I’m still in contact with my former company as I believe in leaving with a smile on my face which is exactly what I did, and my former MD is always ragging me about my little finger slip.

But that is most definitely one celebration that I NEVER want to repeat EVER again!


14 Replies to “open mouth change foot”

    1. After I regained my voice, a good 2 hours after it had all happened, I was giggling myself – it was utterly hilarious now that I think back. Of all the dumbass things to do, I go and do it! 🙂


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