in the blink of an eye

When I saw the title of the newspaper article, I froze. I knew that I shouldn’t have opened it, but I did.

Baby killed in baggage carousel accident

After reading the article my mind just started spinning. Who or what the hell can we actually trust and rely on? There’s always the human factor which is bound to get something wrong somewhere, but then there’s the technological factor, which also gets things wrong, but if you give it a proper think, even the technological factor is actually the human factor. Why? Technology is designed ultimately by human beings.

“Police sources said that the boy’s mother placed him on a special baggage belt reserved for the collection of larger suitcases, pushchairs and musical instruments.

However, it was then switched on – apparently automatically triggered by the weight of the boy and the baby carrier he was strapped into.”

Yes, this is being called an ‘accident’ as no foul play is suspected, but what the actual (yes, I’m going to say it, as there is no other adjective out there that adequately describes this) fuck. I am flabbergasted. An innocent 5 month old child brutally killed in an accident. I cannot even imagine how that mother must be feeling; one cannot blame her as how was she to know that the conveyor would automatically start up? There is no mention of any signage warning people of the automatic conveyor, but no doubt out of this tragedy, signs will probably be going up almost instantly.

My heart is broken for this family. This is a terrible story to share, but if everyone who reads it takes cognisance of the conveyors at airports, hopefully something like this terrible tragedy never has to happen again.



4 Replies to “in the blink of an eye”

    1. Well according to the report, it was just so quick, and if I read into it, the baby carrier was put quite close to the opening in the wall of the conveyor; the mother did not have enough time to react. Poor little baby boy 😦


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