i had the naked dream again…

But as it was a dream, I had the perfect body, and so I didn’t mind 😉 Not that I know what the perfect body is mind you, but it was still a good dream 🙂

When it comes to public speaking, exercising, singing, I can happily partake in a public environment. But ask me to give a speech at a family gathering, do some sit ups in front of my husband or sing in front of my family, and I freeze. My cheeks go this beautiful lobster red, and I can feel the burn leave my cheeks and venture down my neck to my chest. It boggles my husband’s mind; he does not understand why I will drive 30km to the gym to exercise, when I could do it for free at home. I can’t really explain it either; I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I feel more self-conscious in front of those that I know, than those that I don’t know.

If I mess up the verse of a song and you’re a complete stranger, you’ll probably laugh at me, and tell a few friends, but you and I don’t know each other personally, so I don’t really care. But if I mess up that 1 high note in front of my family, I want to bury myself in a 10ft hole that I pray will magically open up immediately beneath my feet.

I learnt earlier this year, that after years and years (and then some more years) of believing that I am an introvert, I am actually an extrovert. I have no problem standing up in a group of strangers to answer a question, get it wrong and have everyone laugh at me, myself included. I am the first one to throw a funny comment, or offer myself up voluntarily, as long as it has nothing to do with anyone that I know personally.

I am 27 years old, and I am still discovering so much about myself.

The naked dream is a good start 😉


This post was written in reply to the Daily Prompt: Naked with Black Socks


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