i do it to myself

No matter how many times I psyche myself up for the worst possible outcome, when it does eventually happen, and it always does, it always affects me.

My husband found the car that he has wanted for a while, and everything seemed like it was falling into place. Within 20 minutes of me saying that we wanted to sell our current vehicle, I had an interested person, and my hubby had pretty much secured the funding for the ‘new’ car. The person who wanted to buy our current car, was only able to buy it at the end of next month, but it wasn’t going to be a problem as we had managed to sort out the funding for the new car. I even went so far as to google the ‘new’ car and I even got a little excited about it. No, I got a lot excited for it.

Well we’re not getting the car. The funding fell through for the ‘new’ car, and the person who was buying my car hasn’t come back to me, as he was supposed to bring his daughter around today to test drive it. Yes, it obviously wasn’t meant to be, but I still feel really bleh about it. The disappointment just seems to reflect on a lot of issues happening in my life right now.

And the whole of today I kept making myself half cups of tea – now it all makes sense why! 😉



3 Replies to “i do it to myself”

    1. Well, that’s what I’m trying to believe. It seemed so right you know, everything was coming together and at the very last minute it all fell through. Quite obviously not meant to be, but still…


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