technologically repellant

I decided to spend a bit of time neatening up my blog, specifically my twitter widget. I have never professed to be a technological fundi, and the fact that it just took me over half an hour to make the damn thing, is proof of this.

I am a stickler for the rules, and I try my very best to abide by them, so not knowing how to create a widget, I followed the rules. Well I thought that I followed the rules. Instead what I did was take a relatively simple instruction, and turn it into the Pythagoras Theorem, taking into consideration that I was not present for that lesson in the 9th grade. No, I did not take mathematics as a subject from the 10th grade onwards.

After almost pulling out 2 handfuls of hair, I realised, that as per the picture in the rules / instructions provided by WordPress, that I just needed to copy and paste the long number in the url address on the twitter widget maker, not the whole long code. It all suddenly made sense as to why the space provided to enter the code always cleared when I clicked save. Because I was pasting the whole 29,000 text / word / symbol / number count thing into the space provided, not the 20 digits or so long number. Yes, I am blonde. No, that’s not an excuse, but I’m using it anyway 😉

Suffices to say that after many refreshes and site previews later I’m happy. Then I decided that I wanted to change my theme again. The last time that I decided to do that, it took me almost 3 days until I was happy. Yeah, I think I’ll leave it for today.

And thanks WordPress for a great Twitter timeline widget 🙂



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