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My daughter announced about 5 months ago that she was having a Jake and the Neverland Pirates party. Any parent of a child 7 and below, should know who Jake and his crew are.

Jake the leader of the 'pirates'
Jake the leader of the ‘pirates’
If not, then basically they are 3 child pirates, who battle Captain Hook and his crew on the Neverland Island and collect gold doubloons. Yep, that’s pretty much it. My daughter also informed me that she would be Izzy, understandable as she is the girl pirate, but when I asked her who I should be, she told me Captain Hook. Now I know that I prefer jeans and a t-shirt over a skirt and sandals, but really, Captain Hook? I then told her that I’m a girl, and well Captain Hook’s a boy, so I can’t be him. The little minx told me that of course I could; it’s just pretend (insert gobsmacked face HERE).
Izzy, flying with her pixie dust.  Scully the parrot is next to her.
Izzy, flying with her pixie dust. Scully the parrot is next to her.

I have thrown my daughter a birthday party from the beginning; a few friends of mine told me back when I was planning M-L’s first birthday party that it was a total waste of time; that she’d never remember it. Honestly, I don’t care that she can’t remember her first birthday party; I know that I threw her one, and that it was the best party ever! Ok maybe not the best party ever, but I really did try hard! I have themed all of M-L’s party’s as follows:

2010 party – Winnie the Pooh
2011 party – Minnie Mouse
2012 party – SpongeBob Squarepants
2013 party – Jake & the Neverland Pirates

I chose the first 2 themes, and my daughter chose the theme for last year and this year. I love the fact that she has a say; it’s a responsibility for her that she gets to chose what kind of party she’s having. I am quite fortunate, in that in my previous company, one of the customers and I became quite firm acquaintances, and as I was in the production department, I always made a plan to get his jobs through ASAP, as in his industry, it was all time based. Over the years we have built up a fantastic business relationship, and even after I left my previous company at the end of January this year, we have kept in touch.

Jake, Cubby, Izzy & Scully
Jake, Cubby, Izzy & Scully
The reason that I have brought this up, is because this is where I have gotten everything, and I mean EVERYTHING for every single one of my daughter’s party’s. Lacey’s Promotions, my God send. From invitations, to cups and plates, serviettes, lucky packets, party bags, table cloths, straws, banners, those blow thingies – EVERYTHING. I honestly have to do nothing, except set up and provide food. Seriously, if it wasn’t for these guys, let’s just say that it would have been a dull few birthday parties…

M-L’s birthday and party fall on the same day this year – a Saturday ๐Ÿ™‚ I am very happy about this; this is her first birthday party in which we are celebrating her actual birthday. Her last 3 party’s have all been after her birthday and not that she really cares, but it’s special for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I still have a lot of planning to do; the husband and I have decided that we’re going to make pixie dust bags for all of the girls, and foam swords and maps for all of the boys, as well as have a small treasure hunt, and we’ve promised M-L a jumping castle as well. I’m quite chuffed to say that we’ve even found an octopus jumping castle which just fits in perfectly with the theme. We also have the perfect venue; we held M-L’s 3rd birthday party at Akimbo Kids last year, and as she is there almost every single weekend, we decided that this is her new birthday venue until either she grows out of it, or it shuts down. I have never had a bad experience at Akimbo and it really is our home away from home.

So, wish me luck, and let the party planning commence!


Jake & the Neverland Pirates
Jake & the Neverland Pirates

3 Replies to “party planning”

  1. What fun! My girl/girl twins had a Spongebob party last year, this year they want to have a Mickey and Minnie party. I’ll look into the link you provided for the goodies, thanks!


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