more like wannabebarbie

A perfect Barbie doll (picture taken from
A perfect Barbie doll (picture taken from
Growing up, I loved my Barbie dolls. I was only able to get the genuine dolls quite late into my tweens, mainly due to financial reasons but when I got them, oh boy were they my life. I continued playing with my Barbie’s well into my teenage years, I think up until the age of about 16 or so. I was able to escape into a world of ultimate fantasy, where there were no money issues, no car issues, my dolls wore the latest trends, had the prettiest and hippest friends, and life was perfect.

My life did not turn out how I planned it to in my fantasies.

I am blonde, have blue eyes, and that’s about where my similarity to Barbie ends. I am 5ft nothing, about 10kg’s over weight, far too hippy, boobs that are bigger than Barbie’s, but nowhere near as perky, thighs that tend to say hi a bit too often, and knobbly feet. I also have a double chin on some days, whereas Barbie only has 1 perfectly sculpted chin everyday. But you know what? That’s ok. My body has its flaws and imperfections (a bit too many but anyway) but at least its my body. At least it’s not someone’s unbalanced creation, giving people a false perception about myself. Ok, I think that if someone were to look at me now, that they probably would think to themselves ‘sheesh, she could work out some more’ or ‘hair dye isn’t that expensive’ – believe me, I tell myself that ALL THE TIME.

I wish that I had the 'normal' Barbie's backside - I have the authentic Barbie's flat ass - trying to keep my pants up is a nightmare!  And yes, I'm giggling ;) (picture taken from
I wish that I had the ‘normal’ Barbie’s backside – I have the authentic Barbie’s flat ass – trying to keep my pants up is a nightmare! And yes, I’m giggling 😉 (picture taken from
And no, I do not believe that having Barbie dolls gave me a false perception of what a female body could / would / should look like. I was never destined to have hollow thighs, and long arms and legs, and dainty feet. But try and stop a kick from me; you’ll be sore, I promise.

I have financial issues (big financial issues), a 13 year old car that is costing me more and more everyday to keep on the road; I am so far behind on the latest fashion trends that I should be in fashion jail and I don’t have the hippest friends, but they absolutely gorgeous and beautiful and they are perfect in my eyes.

I named this post ‘more like wannabebarbie’ but you know what, I don’t really ‘wannabe’ Barbie. I don’t particularly like or enjoy my body as it is right now, but it’s mine.

Not someone else’s idea of a body.


This post was written in reply to the Daily Prompt: Toy Story

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