the headache – my new companion

I have been a headache sufferer for as far back as my memory goes. But I mean come on; who hasn’t had a headache before? Whether it be from bad eyesight (guilty), dehydration (guilty) or stress (extra guilty) I believe that everyone has suffered from a headache or 10 in their lifetime. My headaches range from manageable, there-but-not-there, to migraines. As any migraine sufferer will know, the pain is so bad that you really do consider chopping off your own head and replacing it with something, anything other than your own brain.

In the last year, my headaches have gone from being manageable, there-but-not-there, to nauseating, actual vomit inducing, crawling into bed and crying headaches. When my daughter was in hospital 3 weeks ago, my husband brought me a bottle of 24 Panado’s; in 1 day I had 8, and by the time that I left the hospital on the Monday morning (I was there from Wednesday-Monday) the bottle was finished. I don’t really know why I take Panado; it really does absolutely nothing for my headaches, but I think it’s got something to do with me wanting to con my brain into stopping the headache because hey – paracetamol!

The husband has been telling me (he’s beyond asking me) to go to the doctor to get it seen to; quite ironic seeing as our daughter suffered from headaches for 4 months and I dealt with it immediately. Back and forth from the GP, optometrist visits, paediatrician visits etc. But I on the other hand do not go to the doctor. And then when I did go to the doctor at the end of July with the flu, I didn’t tell him about the headaches. Why, well it’s because I absolutely detest having a fuss made over me for nothing. Ok ok, constant headaches for almost a year aren’t nothing, but still.

I woke up yesterday with what I thought was a head cold, which of course included a headache. The sniffing went away during the course of the day; my headache did not. My boss even asked me after our morning meeting if I was ok, and when I said yes, why does he ask, he said that I didn’t seem like I was in the meeting. I lamely told him that I’m absolutely fine, just a little head cold. What I should have said was that my brain felt like it was shrinking with every pound of my nauseating headache, and that I wanted to crawl into a little ball and sob. But I didn’t. Not very professional you know πŸ˜‰ I then made my way through the day, my eyes losing focus every few minutes or so which did freak me out as that hasn’t happened before, and eventually I left 30mins before home time as I just wanted to get home. Once home I proceeded to turn into a very evil dragon and breathed a lot of fire. Bad headache, bad bad headache.

Luckily this morning the nauseating headache had subsided into a manageable, there-but-not-there headache and that’s ok. That I can handle. I even had my one colleague tell me that they’re glad I’m feeling better, as I actually joined in on his conversation with me. Yesterday he apparently had a conversation with me, that I just sat in on. I didn’t actually interact. Oops.

But, long story short yes, I will go to the doctor. When you ask? Um, one day, sometime, any day soon πŸ˜‰

But for now, today is a good day, and that makes me πŸ™‚



2 Replies to “the headache – my new companion”

  1. I too, have always had headaches. I started drinking a lot more water- and that has helped. I have had migraines so bad, I had to be taken to the hospital- I will throw up constantly and can’t even walk. They put on IV’s and it takes a few hours to go away- then my head and neck is sore for days from it! When I feel one coming on, I take Ibuprofen- its what the doc said. I can take up to an 800 dose if it is bad. I hope you can keep yours at bay- they are NO fun!!


    1. Thanks for the advice – I must definitely do something about them. They just seem to cripple me mentally, and over a weekend it’s awful as I lose out on such valuable time with my family.

      Thanks for reading and commenting πŸ™‚


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