the future of our children

I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride, to make it easier
Let the children’s’ laughter, remind us how we used to be

~ written by Michael Masser & Linda Creed

I read an article yesterday, about a 3 month old girl, whose life has been forever changed. Last Thursday, the 5th of September 2013, her mother was killed in an horrendous truck crash in Pinetown, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.


After a few colleagues and I watched this video, we got chatting about South Africa’s children, and how the violence has just escalated against them. My one colleague told me of a 5 year old in her township that was beaten, raped and murdered. The bastards then shoved her little mouth full of condoms. Another story emerged this week of another 5 year old, who was found dead, hanging in a tree. The police are still awaiting test results to see if she was raped or not. I feel disgusted just typing those words. What sick creature, beast, finds pleasure in RAPING a child? Murdering a child? What sort of defence does a 5 year old even have – NOTHING. My colleague then went onto tell me that these days, children are left to play alone in the streets, or even in their gardens, and in the townships where children are so often left up to their own devices, these crimes happen in the blink of an eye. One minute your child is playing in the street, 2 days later he/she winds up in the bush, dead. Another horrific story, is that of the little girl and boy that were raped and sodomised, but they survived, and the brave little boy ended up walking home, carrying the injured infant in his arms. 3 months old, and raped. I just cannot grasp this.

My other colleague then went onto tell me about the daughter of family friends, who a couple years ago, was pregnant but did not tell her family and friends. She tried hiding the pregnancy, but it was glaringly obvious that she was pregnant. The family went away for the weekend, and during the course of the weekend, the woman went into labour, but didn’t tell anyone. Upon leaving, she instructed everyone to leave her behind, as she would find her own way home. Upon her arrival back home, her mother asked her where the child was. The woman vehemently denied being pregnant, but eventually admitted to the fact that she had dumped her new-born baby. The mother then called the police on her daughter, but not before workers had already found the dumped baby. The woman’s mother desperately wanted to take her grandchild, however due to the fact that her daughter lived with her, the state refused to give her the child, which I sadly agree with.

My colleague then told me of another story, whereby her neighbour had a friend help her to abort her almost full term foetus, put ‘it’ in a bag which they then hid under her bed. Only after the neighbour had become dangerous ill, did everyone discover that the friend had cut the umbilical cord too soon, and that the foetus was still inside the girl, had since died which resulted in a massive infection, septicaemia etc. I didn’t even have a response to that story.

I myself was a secondary witness to an awful event in Hillcrest, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa back in 2009. A homeless person who had been looking in a rubbish bin for food, had come across a black rubbish bag, and upon opening this rubbish bag, found 2 deceased new-borns. 2 innocent lives, snuffed out because their parent/s didn’t want them. There are so many families out there that are unable to have their own children; these 2 angels could have found a loving home with anyone of them.

I cannot understand how a woman can go full term through her pregnancy, have her baby and then either kill it or abandon it. If a woman does not want her baby, or is unable to care for her baby, there are so many out there who can and will! I personally do not support abortion; when I fell pregnant in 2009, I was asked if I wanted an abortion. It wasn’t out of spite or malice, it was offered because only the best was wanted for me. I knew that not only could I not live with the emotional turmoil that saying yes would leave me with, my unborn ‘blob’ didn’t ask to be conceived, but it was. I could not let the innocent life growing inside of me suffer for my mistake. It is a right in South Africa that a woman can and may chose as to whether or not she wants an abortion. I do not judge; yes or no I will be there for any of my friends. But to do a full term abortion; I cannot fathom that. I do also appreciate the fact, and take into consideration the stigma associated with having an abortion, and/or having a child out of wedlock. This is not a rant at any one person; I just am battling to understand the decisions that people make. I also understand and am aware of the fact that adoptions can go horribly wrong; the story of Hana Williams in the USA is one such example.

I haven’t gone and researched statistics etc regarding violence against the children of South Africa, but if we do not do something soon, there won’t be a future for anyone of us, because without the children, there is no future.



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