i didn’t mean to

She’s dead. Wait, what? She’s dead?! Yes, she’s just passed away. I have no words. I have killed someone. Someone I didn’t know, someone I never will know. I know that I hit a woman. I have killed her.

I wish that the toll booth operator would hurry up! This queue seems to be taking forever; I need to collect stock and get back up the hill, all before my restaurant opens, and that’s in almost an hour. I can make it if this damn queue would just move already! Finally my turn. Thank goodness the speed limit is 120km/hr once I leave this booth; I need to move it!

The dust hangs in the air as I put foot out of my driveway. Why do we always fight about the stupid, petty, miniscule, idiotic things. It is so true; it really is the small things that drive one up the wall. It’s my turn to have the company vehicle, in order to collect stock from the sister restaurant down the hill. Due to our stupid fight, I’m running about 10 minutes late now. I really did not need to start my day out like this!

This post was written in reply to the Weekly Writing Challenge; I was involved in an accident on the 12th of March 2009, 6 days after I found out that I was pregnant. A woman ran across the road after the toll booth, and I was doing approximately 70km/hr when I saw her. I was unable to swerve either way due to traffic, and thus I slammed on brakes. Unfortunately this woman froze in fear and just stood there, and I ultimately hit her. She sadly passed away a few minutes after the accident due to her injuries. I was cleared of any and all wrong doing as the accident was totally out of control, and my skid marks from when I applied my brakes proved this. But this moment in my life has stuck with me since. I wish I could go backwards.


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