parenting 101

Regarding 1 of my previous posts, I have realised how important it is to engage in a conversation with my daughter. She maybe almost 4 but I still have so much to learn about parenthood.

I will no longer just instruct my child. “M-L, don’t jump on the bed!” Ok, I’ve told her not to jump on the bed, but why did I tell her that? After the experience of last night, I found how simple and easy it was having an actual conversation with her, explaining things basically to her, and she understood all of it.

Instead of telling her that I’m letting her cousin sleep in her camp cot because I can, I discussed it with her, I gave her a reason for him sleeping in it and then asked her if it was ok, as it is technically her camp cot. Ok it’s actually my camp cot for her, but in her eyes it’s her camp cot. And just by taking the time to discuss the situation with her, not tell her how it’s going to be without any input from her, it worked out just fine, and she was none worse for the wear. I could see her understanding it, I could see the sense of responsibility in her little face, that she was giving permission for her cousin to sleep in her camp cot. And my heart swelled with immense pride.

I am the parent and she is the child.

But I still have so much to learn from her.



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