ask for help? pfffft

Is it easy for you to ask for help when you need it, or do you prefer to rely only on yourself? Why?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SELF.

There are a few people in my life that I can count on, who are always there for me, however there are 2 that will do just about anything for me. My mom and my husband. When it comes to every John and Jane Doe out there, I rely on myself.

I have learnt through personal experience and heartache, to only rely on myself. I have learnt to set myself up for disappointment, to be the hilarious pessimist as I have been called before, to not get my hopes up. Because if I don’t get my hopes up, I can’t get disappointed. And if I can’t get disappointed, I can’t get hurt. And no, I do not feel sorry for myself. This is how I have chosen to live my life and it has served me pretty well. I call myself a realist with my head in the clouds; my husband calls me a pessimist who daydreams too often. 6 of 1, half a dozen of another 😉

I can’t call myself a rock, because I rely way too much on my mom and husband, but yes, in some avenues of my quirky mess of a life, I suppose I am a rock. I am my daughter’s rock; I am the one that she runs to when she is hurt or sad and I am the one that gets the biggest hugs and kisses, even after I’ve disciplined her.

I don’t believe that any one person can get through life solely on their own. Perhaps yes, yes you can, but it must be awfully lonely.

I may not ask for help often or when I need it, but on the odd occasion I do, I smile my little smile, because I have realised that I cannot go through my life alone.



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