i joined a running club

I did I tell you. And my first meet is tonight, 17h30. I’m a little nervous; the last time I trained with a group was 10 years ago with my high school cross-country team. I have been training alone these last few months, either running in my neighbourhood or working out at the gym. And that’s another thing, the last time I ran was almost 2 months ago…

I got sick. Then my daughter got sick. I got better, and so did she. Then I got sick and got better again, and then she got sick but didn’t get better. So my running routine went out the window! I’ve started off slowly this past week, easing back into spinning at gym, suffering through the numb bum syndrome that afflicts me for a few sessions, and am now attempting a 4km time trial tonight. My club does 4km, 6km & 8km time trials, but I think that it’ll be another month or so before I even think about attempting the 8km time trial. All of this training (torture) is for one goal; to take part in and complete the Comrades Marathon in 2014.

I have no idea if I’ll qualify in time, or if I’ll even qualify, but that’s my goal. I will be very disappointed in myself if I do not qualify for the 2014 race, but the awesome thing about the Comrades Marathon, is that it’s every single year.

I just really hope that 2014 is my year.


Must. Not. Walk. ;)
Must. Not. Walk. 😉

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