getting somewhere, but it feels like nowhere

Today marks the 6th day that my daughter is in hospital.  Today also marks the 6th day that the doctors have been unable to give me a set diagnosis.  Frustrated much?  Yeah, just a little.  These are the tests that my daughter has had in the last 6 days :

1. Blood test – came back normal
2. Urine test – little bit of blood and ketones, but nothing too serious
3. CT scan with no contrast – came back normal
4. Abdominal ultrasound – came back normal
5. Blood test to determine if she has any allergies – came back normal
6. Urine test – came back with some proteins in it, but as she was very active on Saturday, this is apparently normal and nothing to worry about.

For the first time in 4 months, my daughter woke up yesterday morning with no headache, and I was over the moon with happiness.  I honestly thought that she would be discharged;  I had even packed our bags.  I was ready to go!  But the paediatrician decided against it, and I did eventually agree with him, as he wanted to observe her for another day or so.  Trues nuts, she got another headache in the afternoon, and woke up with one this morning.  And now her little tummy isn’t working properly due to the medications and also due to the fact that she isn’t eating properly, so that needs to be seen to as well.

The doctor has said that he’s looking to discharge her tomorrow, and I am so happy to hear this.  But the thing is, is that she’ll be discharged after 1 week in hospital, without ever receiving a proper diagnosis.  The doctor has said that we mustn’t ask her direct questions like “do you have a headache” as apparently her natural  response will be yes.  If she comes to us and says that she isn’t feeling well, or that she has a headache, we need to acknowledge it and take it from there.

So yes, I am over the moon that she should be discharged tomorrow, that we can get some normalcy back into our lives.

But I am leaving hospital with more questions than answers.



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